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Our Story

Since February 2001, it has been our vision to help employers develop better work-life balance for their employees. As many employers know, employee levels of happiness and stress can greatly impact productivity. When dealing with the latter, it can be difficult for employers to see dedicated, hard-working members of their team struggle to make it through a day.

This was the inspiration for our initial concept. Using our knowledge of the HR technology space, we would help employers find and then implement web-based systems to simplify the administration of their Payroll, HR, and Benefits while expanding employee self-service. By doing this, we would free up time typically spent in HR, enabling staff to work more strategically and have more time for their employees. Over the last 15 years, we have had the opportunity to help over 1000 employers find and implement HR technology solutions.

We realized, however, that despite this success, we did somewhat stray from our original vision. We had slowly become a technology consulting business, as opposed to a business that directly helped the end employee create better work-life balance, or employee “well-being,” as it is referred to today. We saw that while many employers were buying technology with the best of intentions, many of them did not have the capacity to leverage the technology in a meaningful way. They may have improved HR operations to a degree, but the outcomes were falling overwhelmingly short of their goals. The technology was supposed to be a means to the end, but it became the end.

The opportunity to leverage technology to improve internal processes, so that HR can work more strategically while creating a more engaging work environment, is now greater than ever. HR technology has improved significantly. The number of vendors providing products and services in the HR area has expanded, and daily use of mobile technology by individuals has exploded. That being said, the challenges for employers in the HR area have also increased, as more new laws, a more complex workforce, and emerging technologies have made HR even more chaotic with even less time available for change. In many cases, employers are working with 10-20 vendors at one time to manage various aspects of their HR needs.

Similarly, employees are facing challenges of their own, as they are now more financially strapped due to large college loans, increased health care costs, flat wages, and lingering repercussions of the housing crisis. For many, things are worse, not better.

In 2015, we made the decision to respond to these challenges by re-focusing our business. As a result, we have returned to our initial vision, but this time we are taking a slightly different approach. We have carefully studied the problems within the market and developed a step by step program that combines market leading technologies with “white glove” local and centralized services focused on delivering great outcomes. We have brought in experts with a broad range of skills and developed relationships with industry professionals across the country who share the vision.

We are now ProHCM.

The main goal of our ProHCM professionals is to bring harmony to HR for both the employer and their employees. You + our professionals + technology will all work in synch to create a great HR experience for everyone, and maybe even make a positive change, beyond HR.

So, join us, and experience a world of HR without limits!